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Seongnam City

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Seongnam city lies adjacent to Seoul, the capital of Korea, and is geographically located in the center of the metropolitan area as well as the Korean Peninsula. It has a population of 930,000 and a total area of 142km.

Seongnam city has historical sites as Namhansansung which is a mountain fortress wall, cultural sites and the Moran Market, a large five-day interval village market and a bustling district for youngsters in Seohyun-dong.

Places of interest

The Museum of Geology, located in the complex of Korea Land Development Corporation, Jungja-dong, Bundang-gu, shows the history of Geology over time. It is worth paying a visit.

'Chicken porridge village' is located near the access road to Namhansansung. It is a place where chicken porridge restaurants stand roof by roof. And guess what, they sell very famous chicken porridge.

Another food is called 'Matgoul' in Seohyeon-dong. It is located near the Saemaul Training Institute, and it is famous for the traditional Korean food, kalbi and the teahouses. Matgoul is also a popular spot for family outings because of the beautiful natural setting of Uldong Park in the neighborhood.

The Civic Center, located in the City Hall, has a main hall with 1084 seats and a smaller hall with 296 seats. It is open throughout the year and hosts performances, conferences and seminars.

The Open Theater is located in Bundang Park. It has a large stage (340m), and a field auditorium (6600m) with 20,000 seats. Sometimes large-scale performances are held here.

The Culture House located in Sujin-dong, Sujung-gu, provides information on culture and art. It has performance halls, internet booths, audio and video rooms, practice rooms for youngsters, and information data services.
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