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Restaurant reviews SerbiaRestaurant reviews. And we invite you to send reviews. Rating, awfull: 1 cook hat, superb:, 5 cook hats.

We will paste cook hat symbols on top of your review. A T-bone picture will be added if they serve very good meat. If you write a review, please describe the location of the restaurant so others can find it too if they want. Pictures of your food, the restaurant etc. are of course also great!

It is not only about restaurants in Belgrade, if you visited a restaurant somewhere in Serbia and you want to write about it submit your story.

It's not the national dish but you will stumble over pizza restaurants in Belgrade. Most of these restaurants serve slices of 'fast food' pizza. We decided to review a normal restaurant, therefore We checked the pizza's and pasta's served at Trattorija all Angolo.

It's not a big restaurant but it looks nice. Especially the big chandelier at the entrance cought my attention. We visited this restaurant with our two children. Good seats, neat table wear.

The service was correct and polite and we decided to choose something from the wine card. Compared to other restaurants the wine is not cheap, we settled for the Fattoria Montereggi Riserva 2002 Chianti. This Italian red wine was served a little bit too warm. The taste is nice but strong. We think white wine would be better provided they keep these wines stored cool.

We ordered one pizza vesuvius for the children. Although you would expect a spicy pizza with a name like this it's a pizza with basic toppings including much ham. Our children liked it, the pizza is big!
Christina ordered lasagna and she thinks it was the best lasagna she ever had. Maybe we only had bad lasagna in the past or this is a big compliment for this restaurant. I tried a piece myself and I have to say it really tasted good. The layers of dough were a little bit fluffy which combined well with the bolognaise sauce. My pizza calzone was good, only a little bit dark on a part of the edge. Juicy, tasty, nothing to complain at all. I almost forgot my minestrone soup. 10 times tastier than the Lipov Lad minestrone soup in the previous review. It's similar to regular vegetable soup but not greasy. Try it as a starter.

We think it's a good restaurant with tasty, big pizza's and a damn good lasagna bolognaise. They should do something about their wine, lower some prices and serve the red ones not at outside temperatures, just store them in a wine cabinet. 4 hats because the lasagne compensated for the wine temperature and price.

In total we paid 4380 dinar. Wine 2500!! dinar, minestrone soup 1 x 150, orange juice 2 x 120, water and sparkling water 2 x 80, pizza calzone 1 x 460 (big), lasagna bolognaise 1 x 450, pizza vesuvius 1 x 420. (posted by Jitze, 23/08/06)

Trattoria all Angelo
Carice Milice 12a
11000 Beograd
Tel: 011-3287810 or 3620484


Already another review for you, although it was not the restaurant which we (me, colleague and husband) were planning to visit. We wanted to go to Priroda. That restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant and probably the only one in Belgrade. It received a good comment in the Western Balkans edition of the Lonely Planet. At least we now know that Priroda is closed on Sunday. That review just has to wait.

We visited Lipov Lad. The outside of this restaurant looked nice to us and Lipov Lad is also tastefully decorated on the inside. We were received by a friendly lady who really tried to make our stay comfortable.

We ordered a red wine before choosing our food. Montenegro might not be a famous wine producing country but the Merlot Podgorica (crnegorski) 2004 really wasn't bad. It is a red wine without a dominant taste, I think the real wine lover would call it light and fruity.

As a starter we ordered two minestrone soups and a pottage mushroom soup which is in fact creamy mushroom soup. The minestrone soup did not contain much vegetables. The vegetables we discovered were probably from a package of deep frozen vegetables. Furthermore it was greasy, they probably use veal bouillon and then add those vegetables. The mushroom soup was tasty and good.

The main courses: sesamy chicken covered with tofu cheese and rice, rice noodles and risotto with squid. The portions were big. The pieces of chicken were batter fried and good but they could reduce on the amount of sesamy seeds.The rice was really salt and they also added butter, not good. The rice noodles needed more spices. The risotto was good but the taste of the sauce was a little bit dominant.

We liked the atmosphere of the restaurant and the service. We also liked the wine and the friendly lady who showed us the wine cabinet. But they do need to do something about the overal quality of the dishes. It can be good if you pick the right dish but it should not be this kind of lotery. If I would be the owner I would tell my cook that, after investing much money in the restaurant, he should deliver the same quality for every served dish. We agreed that 3 cook hats is the maximum for this restaurant.

In total we paid 3030 dinar: Wine 690, Minestrone soup 2 x 180, Mushroom soup 220, Rice noodles 350, Sesamy Chicken 700, Rizoto 500, rice 150, 3 x 20 for the bread couvert. (posted by Jitze, 13/08/06)

Lipov Lad
Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 270
11000 Beograd
Tel: 011-2424958


Our first restaurant review, it's not a long review because we were really busy during our first visit to Belgrade but at least it's a start(er).

Jevrem restaurant

Only 3 cook hats because we did not pay all our attention to the food. It might deserve one extra cook hat but we have to visit this restaurant again soon. It was also one of our first Serbian food encounters, so we had no idea how to compare this food to, at least, other Serbian food.

We went to this restaurant because it is mentioned in the Lonely Planet Western Balkan edition. Especially the description of the 1920's look caught my attention. Indeed tons of nice photographs of Belgrade in the 1920's at all the walls. No live music but we arrived early. And yes, they also have a heavy walnut door at the entrance just as the lonely planet mentioned.

It is possible to sit in a nice garden, but we preferred the airconditioning and the decorated walls on the inside.

We had tomato salade and serbian salade with green pepper as a starter. Those peppers are hotter than I expected but everything was very fresh.

Christina took fried cheese and I took the assorted meat. Everything was fine, but the only thing I really remember is that the meat was quite greasy. That's why we have to go again, we know for sure that the taste was ok, but we are not sure if the preparation was perfect because I can only think of all the fat.

In short, the restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, nice and friendly people and they talk English. We just don't seem to remember enough about the food. The Jevrem review will therefore be continued as promised.

Gospodar Jevremova 36
Meals between 300 and 500 dinar
Open: 10 am - 2 am Mon-Sat, 2 pm - 10 pm Sun

(posted by Jitze, 02/08/06)
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