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Serbia country information

Serbia country informationSerbia

The Republic of Serbia contains two autonomous provinces: Vojvodina and Kosovo-Metohija. Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and the country's administrative, economic and cultural centre. Belgrade is a special district in Serbia with autonomous authority of the mayor and city government.


88,361 km2

Population (excluding Kosovo)

Largest Cities (over 100,000 inhabitants)

Belgrade 1.576.124
Novi Sad 299.294
Nis 250.518
Kragujevac 175.802

Longest rivers (within Serbia)

Danube 588 km
Zapadna Morava 308 km
Juzna Morava 295 km
Ibar 272 km
Drina 220 km (346 km)
Sava 206 km
Timok 202 km

Highest mountains

Deravica 2,656 m (Prokletije)
Crni Vrh 2,585 m (Šar-mountain)
Gusam 2,539 m (Prokletije)
Bogdas 2,533 m (Prokletije)
Zuti Kamen 2,522 m (Prokletije)
Ljuboten 2,498 m (Šar-mountain)
Veternik 2,461 m (Koprivnik)
Crni Krs 2,426 m (Prokletije)
Hajla 2,403 m (Hajla)

Railway network: 3,619 km, Roads 42,692 km (asphalt) and 24,860 km (concrete )


Vojvodina roughly covers one quarter of the Serbian territory, and Novi Sad is the administrative, economic and cultural seat of Vojvodina. There are 45 municipalities and seven districts:

Subotica, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, Pancevo, Sombor, Novi Sad and Sremska Mitrovica.


The main rivers in Vojvodina are the Danube (Donau), the Tisa and the Sava.

Most of the country side of Vojvodinay is quite flat, but at Srem you can find the 'Fruska Gora' mountain. South of Banat there are some hills too. The country side is focused on agricultural production.


In 2002, 2,031,992 people were living in Vojvodina, this is 27.1 percent of the total population on the Serbian territory. Besides from Serbs, there are Hungarians, slovaks, Croats, Montenegrins, Rumanians, and other ethnic minorities living in Vojvodina.


Kosovo-Metohija covers 10,849 square kilometres of the territory in the south-west of Serbia, with Pristina as its administrative, economic and cultural seat. There are 29 municipalities and five districts:

Pristina, Pec, Prizren, Kosovska Mitrovica and Gnjilane.


There are some mountains, canyons and wide valleys. The rivers Binacka Morava, Lab and Beli Drim are crossing these valleys. The mountains on the Kosovo - Albanian borders are called the massif of Prokletije, on the Macedonia border you can find the Sar Planina mountain with the highest mountain peaks in Serbia (Djeravica and Crni Vrh). The countryside is mainly hilly and agricultural.


In 1991, 1,956,196 people were living in Kosovo-Metohija, this is less than 20 percent of the total population on the Serbian territory. Besides from Albanians, there are Serbs, Rumanians, Montenegrins, Turkish, Croats and other ethnic minorities living in Kosovo-Metohija.
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