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Archive Serbia 2008

The weblog will be active again very soon. I am also planning to make a small webshop with typical Serbian products. It will be shipped world wide and payment can be made by paypal.

I am just testing my paypal account, want to donate some cents, try the button below. I am wondering if I will receive anything....

(posted by Jitze, 23/10/08)
Back online after a couple of days without internet, cable tv, satellite tv and a boiler which almost exploded because of a malfunction in the safety valve and the thermostate.

Well, that boiler really boiled our water last Wednesday, it just started to overheat. Luckily we discovered it in time, steam came out of our hot water pipes when we released pressure. It could have been much worse but anyhow, we discovered it. A lot of adjustments were made to the heating system in order to prevent any future problems. I thought it was enough for one week but on Friday afternoon another problem occured. A nice thunderstorm and the lightning more or less struck our house. The main hit was 20 meters away, Christina saw it but the electric current messed up a lot in our house. Fuses down, the router of our wireless internet connection was fried, the receiving head on our satellite dish was also dead, and the cable distribution box was toasted.

This evening the cable guys repaired it, one good thing, we have better tv and cable signal than ever before. The new router also works better and tommorow our satellite dish will be repaired. Well, what to say, at least the Uncle of our landlord who always helps us out suggested that we should burn some more candles in the Church. Maybe that's just the Serbian way to deal with bad luck. (posted by Jitze, 11/08/08)
Holiday in the Netherlands: great
New computer (very fast): great
Yde's mobile phone (lol): great
Vibeke's cd player (lol): great
Updating our weblog: very bad

We don't promise improvement but we will try, at least it's fun with our new computer.

And I will publish a new travel story soon. One of our friends wrote it and send it to us. I did not take the time to publish it because of my gaming in the evening, sorry Dirk ;)

(posted by Jitze, 04/08/08)
For a long time no news from our side. I, Christina, am working now four days a week and I don't have much time to write at this moment.
Yesterday evening we were invited to a pre-songfestival party at the residence of the Netherlands Embassador. Hind, our songfestival contestant sang a few songs including "Your heart belongs to me" the song which she will perform at the Eurovision songcontest. Also the Belgium singer Ishtar and Boaz Mauda from Israel performed their songs for the guests. We had a lovely evening and next week we are going to one of the semi-finals and the final at the Beogradska Arena. (posted by Christina, 18/05/08)
I just read at www.nu.nl dutch people should expect snow. Well, here we have almost 18 degrees Celsius today but also Belgrade can expect snow according to the BBC weather forcast. Also weather wunderground shows cold weather. Mmm, I thought we were heading towards spring, I guess I cheered too early. (posted by Christina, 03/03/08)
I found this between our email:

Man was sitting in the bar at Heathrow Terminal 3 and noticed a really
beautiful woman sitting next to him.

He thought to himself . "Wow, she's so gorgeous she must be an air
hostess. I wonder which airline she works for?"

Hoping to pick her up, he leaned towards her and uttered the Delta Airline slogan: "Love to fly and it shows?"

She gave him a blank,confused stare and he immediately thought to
himself: "Well, she obviously doesn't work for Delta."

A moment later,another slogan popped into his head. So he leaned towards her again and said: "Something special in the air ..?"

She gave him the same confused look. He mentally kicked himself and
scratched Singapore Airlines off his list.

He thought: "Perhaps she works for Thai Airways ..." and said, "Smooth as silk?"

This time, the woman turned on him and said, "What the f*** do you want?"

The man smiled, slumped back in his chair and said:
" Ahhhhh, JAT Airways !"

(Posted by Christina, 28/02/08)
Also good things are going on in Belgrade. A few weeks ago we discovered a PET bottle recycling container in our neighbourhood. 12 years ago we lived in Belgium and a lot of garbage was taken in separate, also plastic bottles, cans, glass, paper, vegetable/fruit/garden disposals, etc. In Kazakhstan we only had one dumpster for everything and in South-Korea we also had to separate our garbage. I'm happy to discover that now in Belgrade also the necessity of recycling becomes more clear. In the near future recycling is not anymore a job done by Roma people, checking dumpsters for re-usable things, but it will be part of daily life. Taking care of the environment is something we all have to do, so that is why we started to bring our plastic bottles to the PET bottle container a few streets away. Besides that, the children like to throw the bottles into the container: an environmental approved game, what do you want more. (posted by Christina, 23/02/08)

Well, if you were watching the news lately you know that several things are 'going on' in Belgrade. The demonstrations followed by riots were broadcasted worldwide.

Shopping for Kosovo?

Lool at that youtube movie (also broadcasted locally as far as I know). One of the women even holds bags with her teeth while looting a shop. She tells the cameraman to bugger off, his sarcastic answer: but according to me you are the heroes of this demonstration.

Well, judge for yourself, if she did not contribute to the Kosovo issue, she contributed at least to her wardrobe. (posted by Jitze, 23/02/08)
What is going on in Belgrade? Well on the 22nd of February the Belgrade Film Festival 2008 will be held for the 36th time. For about 10 days films will be showed at the following locations: Sava Centar, Dvorana Doma Sindikata, Kulturni centar Beograda (the Arts centre of Belgrade), Muzej jugoslovenske kinoteke (the Museum of the Yugoslav cinema) and the Faculty of dramatic art. Ticket prices are between 150 and 250 dinar, tickets for the opening night will cost 400 dinar. Take a look at the program (including Nightwatching and Sweeny Todd:the demon barber of Fleet Street) and see if there is something interesting. (posted by Christina, 20/02/08)

Yde started swimming lessons last week and he is really doing his best. Today he will have his second lesson and I will ask Jitze to put some pictures on our weblog today (I still don't know how to do it).
(posted by Christina, 06/02/08)
Finaly I have time to write something. Still having the feeling that we just came back from The Netherlands (three weeks ago) I am already preparing for our holiday next week. Jitze wanted to go on a real holiday, not too far, maybe some snow, some culture, nature and a nice hotel. Well where do you end up then? Right, Slovenia. Next week we will explore Bled and surroundings. Of course we will put pictures and stories on our site, just wait a week or so...(posted by Christina, 06/02/08)
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