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weblog Serbia Oct 06

Yde and I did some real big men stuff. An outdour fire in the garden and of course pizza delivery to finish a nice Sunday afternoon day. We also went to Ada. We accompanied a certain mr. Luka but he did not catch any fish when we were there. By the way, these pizza's are good and they really are fast. Check out their website at www.senza-paura.com (click flag for English). (posted by Jitze, 29/10/06)

Ten years ago I started to work for a new company. At that time several people where selected and we all received 3 months of training. With one colleauge I travelled almost every day by train to. I remember the times we were wondering what the future would have in mind for us. We were wondering in which countries we were going to live. And what would it be like to live abroad? We always stayed in touch and we visited each other when possible. Unfortunately most of the time we lived too far away to meet regularely. But now he is living in Skopje, Macedonia, together with his family and our family landed in Belgrade. It is like being close neighbours. Visit his very nice website (I never seem to be able to create the same look). Together our websites cover about the same region. If you read both our websites you can imagine more about living in the Balkan region. (posted by Jitze, 27/10/06)
I changed something at the zofona internet radio page. You can now immediately see if my computer is playing music at this moment. Follow the instructions and tune in if you want to listen to it. Quite a strange idea. I am playing some music at my computer here in Belgrade and all over the world you can listen to it. (posted by Jitze, 26/10/06)
24 October and it should be Autumn weather. But yesterday the temperature in Belgrade reached 27 degrees celcius. At 10.30 pm it was still some 20 degrees. This is more than 10 degrees too much. Is this the proof that the global warming theory is more than a theory? Let this picture be the judge of that. (posted by Jitze, 25/10/06)

Added: information about Kosovo, and pictures of Pristina, check the new Kosovo section. (posted by Jitze, 24/10/06)
I promised Yde to do some fun stuff this weekend. One weekend, two men. Of course we went to .... Ada Ciganlija. Read more about Ada (who is she?) in the newly created 'recreation in Belgrade' page. (posted by Jitze, 22/10/06)

These are the short mobile phone movies which were made when I was shooting last week. I just received them by email. Now I could see even better how much recoil a gun gives. Is this the first sign that I will subscribe to Guns&Ammo? Ai ai ai... (posted by Jitze, 20/10/06)

Shooting one bullet with Zastava 9mm
Shooting two bullets with Glock 9mm
Shooting one bullet with Sig 9mm
Christina and Vibeke went to the Netherlands on Wednesday because her father will have a bypass operation. Yde has to stay here because of school and I have to work. But we don't need to do everything ourselves because Mina is helping us with household tasks. One of the good things about Mina is that she knows how to cook Serbian food. For Yde and me the opportunity to eat Serbian food every day. Today she prepared Duvec. She told me that Duvec is Serbia's national dish. It's some kind of stew with pork meat, tomato, potato, onions, garlic and other stuff which I forgot. I found a recipe on the internet with the same name but with some different ingredients. I will ask Mina for the recipe and I will publish it soon. (posted by Jitze, 20/10/06)
As you can see, we added a forum and google maps. On the main page you can scroll down. This map of Belgrade is great, you can zoom in, and go up down, left and right. The forum is starting. Just try to make an account. More topics will follow soon (have to make some time because I was busy at work). And many thanks to Coen and Dino of course for their contribution to the maps and forum. (posted by Jitze, 17/10/06)
Tractors, pigs, chicken, cows, smoke, mud, bees, that actually covers the Serbian countryside (literally).
Today we moved Southwards. I think I can consider this our first real touristic trip. Last week we drove to Budapest to shop at Ikea but that doesn't count. And to be honest, the landscape towards Novi Sad and Subotica was not really interesting. Flat like Holland and covered with enough corn to feed all the cows in the world.

But Southwards things start to look different. In the beginning it was not really exciting but after we left the main road we were amazed. The only thing you have to do is imagine the tractors, cars and telephone poles out of the scenery. This will put you back in the 18th century.

Picture this:

An old farm.
Smoke from the wood fire curling out the chimney.
Wooden fences around the farm.
Chickens walking around everywhere.
Pigs digging in dirt.
A high tech wooden toilet with hole in the ground somewhere in the backyard.
Vegetables in the garden for own use.
A pile of old school cow shit (with straw and chickens on top of it).

If you could not picture it, click here for the pictures. (posted by Jitze, 15/10/06)
I just received a confirmation message. Our first visitor, Coen, will arrive in November. He just booked his ticket. In Belgium it was... everyone??, in Kazakhstan it was my father, in Korea Eric and Jellie and now it is his turn to be the first one to visit us in a new country. Congratulations...(posted by Jitze, 15/10/06)
A quiet Saturday afternoon and the opportunity to add more stuff to ours website. Useful information about parking in Belgrade and a list of hotels in Belgrade with working (checked all of them) websites. I hope we will get comments to add to the hotel list. Next project: integration of google earth maps in this website and a forum. (posted by Jitze, 14/10/06)
Great!. That's the short description of what I did this evening. Together with a couple of guys from our security company we went to a shooting club. I never shot a gun before, only airguns and once a semi automatic M16 (2 shots in a big garden).

A professional instructor guided me through all the safety procedures and I shot with several guns to feel the difference and to see which one I would handle best. First I shot with a 9mm Zastava, secondly with a 9mm Sig, last but not least with the fast firing compact 9mm Glock.

I shot a total of more than 80 rounds, target practicing, different targets after each other while firing fast, moving target and at the end moving target with chamber loading before shooting. I did not do bad according to the instructor. One thing I know, I have got a new hobby or sport, whatever you want to call it. (posted by Jitze, 13/10/06)

Fashion in Paris? Of course not! We also have a fashion week in Belgrade. From 13-19 November it's the 20th Belgrade fashion week. Designers from Serbia and abroad will show the latest collections. According to the official tourist guide of Belgrade it is one of the premier city events. If we have time we will check if the models are pretty. A dirty job but someone has to do it. (posted by Jitze, 12/10/06)
Added: Information about the city of Nis including some pictures which I took while driving through this Serbian city. I promise to make better pictures the next time I visit Nis. (posted by Jitze, 12/10/06)
I updated almost everything on our main computer. After answering tons of pending email our cable connection is still working. First of all, some pictures. Last Sunday we went to the other side of the Danube (Donau) river and in a small village we found this Serbian Orthodox Church.

This is a picture of Pristina, I visited this city recently. If you don't know it, Kosovo has a so called UN interim administration and is waiting for a final decision on their status. You might remember the 1999 NATO action in Serbia.

And I took this nice picture in the Netherlands. It was perfect weather when we stayed there this summer. Very warm and even the sunset looked tropical.

(posted by Jitze, 11/10/06)
IT IS WORKING (at least at this moment). We have cable connection. We still have to connect the main computer but it looks good. As far as I can tell now the speed is also ok. More news tommorow. (posted by Jitze, 09/10/06)
I am getting crazy. Still no normal internet. Usually we update our weblog almost daily after arriving in a new country. Look at the weblog now! Well, maybe this is also some sort of weblog, the fact that we do not have good connection is some kind of message and it is telling you something about Serbia, or at least that lame SBB company. Serbia Broadband should be called Serbia no band at all.

We have plenty of pictures, if only I could upload it through my other computer. One thing I know for sure, I will start my personal anti-SBB page. Never choose them unless you want stress. We give these **** ******* one more week, otherwise I will try to arrange ADSL. If they are the same I should be connected around X-mas!! Even in Kazakhstan companies were faster. (posted by Jitze, 02/10/06)
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