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Onze hond/
Our dog

We told you about our dog before. About all the things he did to and with us. So we decided to give a small update about our fight with our stupid dog. After one year living together with us, or against us, we are getting used to him. He is a nice dog, at least we hope, wish and think he is. This asian shepherd is a very strange breed. We thought dogs would be smart and with a little effort easy to train. Well, maybe with small poodles, not with our Chance.

After one year we finally thought him to give a leg. And that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. He still won't bring back a stick when we throw it away. When we play with his toys he won't give it back, he destroys them. He still thinks Oet and Boy (our cats) are small snacks. He sleeps when he should be awake and vice versa. But still he is a very friendly dog. Always happy (when we serve food), always listening (when we serve food) and always willing to protect (his food). Before Michelle gave us this dog we were what people call "cat people". There is always a big difference between people who like dogs and people who like cats. We are now "confused people". We think we like our Chance, but we are so frustrated by his happy stupidness. Maybe every dog is like this, well, then we pitty all dog owners in this world. But as far as our relation with Chance goes, we do like him. He is getting more and more a guard dog and so far we are still allowed to get into our own house. What more could we ask from a dog.

And another good thing about Chance, he is fully grown now, so no more escapes through the fence. Now he is just dragging us along when we walk with him. Nice doggy!!

Jitze and Christina

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